Sarah’s Club – Be Mine SM

Sarah’s Club – Be Mine SM


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Me and Sarah could not possibly look more different. She is 5’3 (she would say «and a half!», but I’m not convinced) she has curly brown hair and beautiful eyes of the same shade. I am 6’0, with blond hair and clear green eyes. But we do have a few things alike, the « women’s size 10/11 shoes club », the « midsize bodies can’t find jeans that fit club », but most importantly the « big titty wear bras that are too small club ». I often let these things get to me, but not Sarah. I admire the way she sees the world, the way she sees herself. Her body is a healthy one and it helps her do all the things she loves doing and that’s what matters. She is positive, compassionate, and incredibly caring. So I am founding this club in her honor, and believe me if you want anyone as chairmen it would be her!

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Height: 5”

Width: 7”

♥ Note that because paper is handmade, the dimensions may vary slightly

♥ Picture is for reference only. Your pattern placement/paper texture may differ from what is shown.

♥ Paper is handmade from 100% post consumer waste and is also 100% recyclable (although I don’t think you’ll want to throw it away!)

♥ All designs are applied by hand using lino printing technique

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 17 × 13 cm

1 review for Sarah’s Club – Be Mine SM

  1. Sarah Jones

    I adore this print, just look how cute it is! The homemade paper adds this unique quality that draws the eye in to look more closely at all the intricate details within the print. Ive got mine displayed in a glass frame, to show off all its beauty!

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