TOTE – Sarah’s Club

TOTE – Sarah’s Club


Me and Sarah could not possibly look more different. She is 5’3 (she would say «and a half!», but I’m not convinced) she has curly brown hair and beautiful eyes of the same shade. I am 6’0, with blond hair and clear green eyes. But we do have a few things alike, the « women’s size 10/11 shoes club », the « midsize bodies can’t find jeans that fit club », but most importantly the « big titty wear bras that are too small club ». I often let these things get to me, but not Sarah. I admire the way she sees the world, the way she sees herself. Her body is a healthy one and it helps her do all the things she loves doing and that’s what matters. She is positive, compassionate, and incredibly caring. So I am founding this club in her honor, and believe me if you want anyone as chairmen it would be her!

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Height: 16”

Width: 15”

♥ 6-ounce, 100% certified organic cotton

♥ Chemical Free

♥ Organic cotton self fabric handles reinforced with stress-point stitching

♥ 22” long handles

♥ All designs are applied by hand using lino printing technique

♥ Picture is for reference only. Your pattern placement may differ from what is shown.

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Weight 76 g
Dimensions 40 × 38 cm


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